The Year in Elion

The year in Elion consists of 338 days, divided into 12 Lunar months. It takes 14 days between new and full moons.

The week: consisting of seven days; Jathe, Arhhe, Seh, Pruh, Rav, Urm, and Iarh.

The months: the 12 lunar cycles are as follows
Jasper (28 days)
Saren (28 days)
Kuthon (29 days)
Neth (28 days)
Gorber (28 days)
Abad (28 days)
Rasma (29 days)
Cail (28 days)
Rova (28 days)
Rum (28 days)
Rori (28 days)
Iom (28 days)

Within the year, there are 4 major lunar holidays. These holidays are only observed in the years that are in the appropriate season.

  1. Frozen Moon’s tear: the first quarter moon (waxing) of the year, the Frozen Moon’s Tear, is often celebrated as the middle of winter.
  2. Thawing Smile of the Moon: The first of spring’s official days, found as the first waxing crescent moon in the month of Neth.
  3. Moon of Summer’s Flame: The lunar holiday celebrating the summer season, it is the first full moon of Rasma.
  4. Falling Gaze Moon: The first crescent moon (waxing) found in Rum marks the celebration of the Fall season.

For 6000 years Elion has repeated the same twelve month cycle, year after year. A season lasts for a year. It is currently the 25th year of the Church (YOC). The north is in it’s Summer Season.

At the start of the campaign, it is the 14th of Rasma, Seh, the day after the Moon of Summer’s Flame celebration.

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