Iomedaen Church

“All are welcome here in Cargon! Obey the laws and keep the peace, and you can live a happy life. Live your life on the sheathed side of the longsword.”
~Grand-Inquisitor Tarin Lawbringer, Leader of the Iomedaen Church

Calm, peaceful, and ruled with strict laws, the Iomedaen theocracy trains also in the art of war. Led by the lawful and the good, it still holds many dangers to outsiders and the chaotically unlawful.

History of the Iomedaen Church
2000 years ago, the leaders of six temples joined together in an effort to sway the people of the land away from constant wars. It worked and the people then turned to the temples for leadership. Cargon’s six temples (Iomedae, Erastil, Torag, Sarenrae, Desna, and Cayden Cailean) soon became temple cities.

The thousand year sun period saw great achievements within Iomedaen lands. Even the wizards made great advances in magic, creating arcane spells that functioned similar to divine spells. Eight hundred years ago the first wizard in history raised a paladin from the dead. It was soon discovered the paladin held and channeled no holy power. The paladins grouped together against the wizards, declaring their magic evil necromancies, they banished arcane users from the land of Cargon.

Less than 150 years ago, the Iomedaen Church began to spread its distrust of arcane magics to neighboring lands.

Soon, all of Elion was up in arms against the wizrads and their schools. Thus the War of Magic began, and for 100 years it wreaked havoc upon the world. Having previously evicted arcanists, they easily kept their borders secured.

Since the wizrads departed Elions lands, the Iomedaen Church has enjoyed 25 years of peace and recovery.

Led by the Church, the clerics act as the ruling monarchs. The six noble families were once the ruling bloodlines of the land. Nestria, Thera, Monah, Zeru, Astra and Heru are the six families. They act as minor nobles taking care of day to day politics, but mostly managing the resources of their temple cities.

The common folk live a life of work, but have much enjoyment as well. Farmers to merchants are treated well, so long as they keep the laws.

Much of the common folk lead simple lives where all common folk are equal, though the noble bloodlines are respected, it is the clergy of the six temples that are the ruling power.

Legal Structure
“The Gods will judge all crimes. I listen to them, allow you to speak your peace, and carry out their judgement. Our laws are simple. Respect, Honor, and Duty.”
~High Priest Zurin Moonblade, Advisor to the Grand-Inquisitor

One law is held above all others: Arcane Arts are punishable by death. Arcanists are hunted and all Iomedaen officials have permission to kill any arcanist, anywhere in Elion.

All crimes require an atonement spell followed by a pact with the city’s ruling ruling church. If the crime caused bodily harm to the victim, the Judgement of Iomedae will be cast upon the perpetrator.

Foreign Affairs and the Military
“Welcome, please register with an Heru noble and turn your weapons into the armory. You may retrieve them when you leave our lands.”
~High Keeper Lok
No foreigner is allowed to carry weapons within Iomedaen grounds unless a visiting official. All foreign trade and entry/departure go through Heru and its port. Open trade exists with the Church of Abador and Graimorian Kingdom.

Visitors from the Temple of Zon-Kuthon, though rare outside of diplomats, are restricted to only the Heru City.

The Librarians have diplomatic immunity and may travel freely.

A small faction of the Warriors of Gorum are hired as dock guards for Heru. They are treated as locals while stationed there. The rest of the faction is treated as foreigners.

Though there is a military group, The Sunbringers, based out of Manah, each city has its own defenses and guards. The Sunbringers act as Iomedae’s ‘official’ military force.

Internal Tensions
Almost all of Cargon rests in peace. The only debate of tension is the Warriors of Gorum defending the Heru docks.

Recreation and Entertainment
Song, dance, and festivals fill the year. Bards are well welcomed within the taverns. Each month, four days are used to simply celebrate life and to relax. This monthly festival of life takes up the last four days of the month.

With the rise of the War of Magic, many holy orders were formed. Not all survived to this day. Each church backed their own knightly order during the war. The following factions and guilds are what remain active in Iomedaen lands:

The Sunbringers
Holy Order of the Seeking Flame
The Golden Ferret

Major Factions

Iomedaen Church

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