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Elion’s Era of Peace

Long ago, Elion raged with war. For 100 years, those of Divine Magics and those of Arcane Magics brutally fought. In a mass wave of power, Wizards and Sorcerers gathered and marched the world to the once beautiful island Garyon, tearing the center of the island from the ground, they vanished from the world in their magically created floating city. Now, 25 years after the end of the War of Magic, three major holy orders have risen to control the world. The Iomedaen Church ruling over the northern continent of Cargon, The Church of Abbador ruling over the Serpentine Isles coiling the center of Elion, and the Temple of Zon-Kuthon holding iron siege to Nurmox in the south.

Having remained neutral from the world, the Graimorian Kingdom sits upon the Island of Tori in the East. The Graimor family having ruled over the land for generations. Welcome to a time where governments are settled into the lands, and retribution burns secretly in hearts around Elion.

Magic has greatly decreased in the world, all of the wizards have locked themselves into a giant floating metropolis. Prosecution of arcane magic users has started to rise. Arcane magical items have become even harder to find. Dragon’s are merely legends at this point but some speculate the dragons have horded up with the wizards. Dwarves have closed the doors to their great underground cities, rarely is one seen out in the world. Races that remain have started becoming more specialized in certain trades, creating lists of accepted paths of life (classes).

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