Cargon houses six distinct geographical regions: the High Desert, the Cargon Oasis, the Gorgon Plains, Nalman Mountain Range, and Themis. Themis has a forest and a mountain range.

The High Desert
The vast majority of Cargon is a sandy hot desert. The average temperature is 85*F to 110*F. In the Summer, this increases by 10*F. Nights are colder by 10* to 20*F. Max visibility is limited to 6d6x10 feet and the sand dunes are constantly shifting which changes the face of the desert. There is only a small (01-05%) chance of rain which lasts 2d4 hours. Sandstorms are rather common (01-50%) and last 1d100 hours! Each hour a creature is caught in the open it suffers 1d3 non-lethal damage. During these sandstorms visibility is reduced to 1d10x5 feet and a negative four (-4) penalty applies to all perception checks.
Creatures native to the High Desert
Bat; Behir; Camel; Colossal Black Scorpion (rare); Death Worm; Dust Digger; Giant Scorpion; Giant Solifugid (rare); Gnoll; Janni; Phoenix (rare); Sicuel Solifugid (rare); Sphinx (rare)

Cargon Oasis
In the East of the High Desert is the Cargon Oasis, a humid and dense forest most often (01-75%) found covered in a dense fog. Visibility is low, 2d6x10 feet, and worse in the fog (1d6x5 feet). Because of the humidity, forest fires are unheard of (01-02%) and the temperature matches that of the surrounding desert.
Creatures native to Cargon Oasis
Allosaurus; Baboon; Bat; Boar; Centipede Swarm; Compsognuathus; Constrictor Snake; Dire Ape; Dire Boar; Dire Tiger; Forest Drake; Giant Frilled Lizard; Giant Mosquito;Giant Tarantula;Giant Whiptail Centipede; Gorilla; Leopard; Hangman Tree; Jabberwock (Legend); Leucrotta; Monkey; Monkey Swarm;Mosquito Swarm; Parasaurolophus; Tendriculos; Tick Swarm;Titan Centipede; Tiger; Toad; Viper Vine;Werebear (rare); Yellow Musk Creaper
Creatures native to Lake of Cargon Oasis
Constrictor Snake; Crocodile; Dire Crocodile; Electric Eel

Nalman Mountain Range
An alpine mountain range, temperate to warm. Average percepitation (01-30%) is low. Visibility varies to a max of 4d10x10 feet. The range consists of gradual slopes (50%), steep slopes (40%), and cliffs (10%). The range consists of light undergrowth (20%). Avalanches are very uncommon (01-05% chance).
Creatures native to the Nalman Mountain Range
Bugbear; Cloud Giant; Eagle; Fire Giant; Flame Drake; Giant Eagle; Magma Dragon (Legend); Orc; Ram; Red Cap; Red Dragon (Legend); Roc; Silver Dragon (Legend); Tengu; Thunderbird; Yrthak.

Gorgon Plains
Vast grasslands , these temperate plains house grass (70%), light undergrowth (20%), and heavy undergrowth (10%). Visibility goes far, 6d6x40 feet. Weather is average.
Creatures native to Gorgon Plains
Ankheg; Arsinoitherium; Aurumvorax; Auroch; Blink Dog (rare); Bison; Cat; Centaur (rare); Cockatrice; Dire Tiger; Forlarren; Giant Queen Bee; Giant Scorpion; Giant Toad; Goblin (rare, 1 solid tribe); Goliath Stag Beetle; Gorgon; Horse; Pony; Wereboar (legend); Weretiger (legend); Worg.

Themis Mountain Range
Treacherous and unforgiving, this forbidding mountain range blocks easy access to Themis Forest. Gradual Slopes (15%), Steep Slopes (55%), Cliffs (20%), Chasms (10%). Scree (30%), and Dense Rubble (30%). Avalanches are common (01-40%). The Themis Range is much warmer than Cargon’s Nalman Range.
Creatures native to Themis Mountain Range
Fire Giant; Magma Ooze; Magma Dragon (Legend) Red Dragon (Legend); Roc; Thunderbird

Themis Forest
The forest is dense and shrouded in mystery. It’s forbidding mountain range and harsh coasts help to keep it well secluded. 80% of the forest is typical trees, 20% are massive trees, and the remainder of the forest is half light and half heavy undergrowth. Visibility is limited to 2d6x10 feet and forest fires are uncommon (01-30%).
Creatures native to Themis Forest
Assassin Vine; Bat; Boar; Centaur (rare); Dire Boar; Dire Tiger; Dire Wolf; Dryad (rare); Ettercap; Giant Mantis; Giant Scorpion; Giant Stag Beetle; Giant Wasp; Goblin (rare); Goblin Dog (rare); Green Dragon (Legend); Half-Celestial Unicorn (Legend); Hawk; Kobald (rare); Nymph (rare); Owl; Owlbear; Pixie (rare); Pseudodragon; Satyr (rare); Shambling Mound; Tiger; Toad; Treant; Unicorn (rare); Wasp Swarm; Wolf; Worg; Yellow Musk Creeper.



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