Abador Pantheon

The Church of Abadar is Lawful Neutral in its rulership over the Serpent Isles. The Church has just recently finished restoring its lands after the War of Magic. Of all three of the churches, this is the one that has the most ties with the Graimorian Kingdom. The Graimorian Kingdom is where the Church of Abadar received the majority of its stones and gems for rebuilding. The Church of Abadar rules over the land, the priests of Abadar taking the lead on the law. The following are the tenants to be kept by the faithful of the church:

  1. Tithe unto the church. Ten percent of all earnings shall be taxed for the running of the church, and the upkeep of the land.
  2. Be honest in your dealings, practice fair trade and commerce.
  3. Tempt not the dead, do not perform the necromancies of the flesh.
  4. Make the cities grand, and keep nature pure. Do not sacrifice one for the other, but let them exist in balance.
  5. Keep temperance and balance within your heart. Do not sway to one side or the other. Remain true to the laws.
  6. Keep blasphemies from your body, mind, and soul.

The Church of Abadar consists of the following deities:

  • Abadar (LN): God of cities, wealth, merchants, and law.
  • Calistra (CN): Goddess of trickery, lust and revenge.
  • Gozreh (N): Deity of nature, weather, and the sea.
  • Irori (LN): God of history, knowledge, and self-perfection.
  • Pharasma (N): Goddess of fate, death, prophecy, and birth.
  • Shelyn (NG): Goddess of beauty, art, love, and music.

Abadar’s holy symbol can be seen in each of the market districts. The clergy of Abadar are the leaders of the cities and villages. Abadar’s tenants and laws are set as an example for good business and trade.

As a legal business, brothels can be found throughout the lands bearing the mark of Calistra. Calistra’s name is also invoked when one feels cheated in a deal.

Many parks are designated in the name of Gozreh in each city and town. Citizens, particularly farmers, go there each season and pray to Gozreh for good weather.

Irori’s holy symbol can be found on each city’s library and schools. Irori is most revered in the few monasteries that are scattered about the nations landscape.

Viper Pearl Cemetery is dedicated to Pharasma, the Lady of the Graves. Her holy symbol can also be seen over each throughout the world, each city has a temple dedicated to her, and her priests attend to the funerals of any religion.

Shelyn is honored with various forms of art throughout the lands. Many museums and galleries can be found in each of the nations cities, all under her ‘protection’ and for her glory.

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Abador Pantheon

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