Veiled Council

In the ancient days, during the Age of Dragons, the Veiled Council of Gods ruled over Elion. They held dominion over all Divine and Arcane magic. When the Dragons approached the Council to request the teachings of magic (both Divine and Arcane) to the mortal races, the Council took a cycle to ponder the request. They eventually decided to allow it, first granting the Dragons permission to teach the mortal races the arts of Clergy. After another cycle, the Council called the Dragons back, and presented them with eight great tomes of arcane magic. Each held the power of one of the eight schools of arcane magic. The Dragons took these books, and placed them into the world, hiding them in temples spread throughout the world. This allowed the mortal races to access arcane magic the same way the Dragons did. The Dragons began teaching arcane arts to the those of the mortal races that showed promise.

Towards the end of the Age of Dragons, a strange group of visitors appeared in Elion, from an unknown place. With them, they brought various Gods and Goddesses with them, and began to spread the faiths of them to the world. The Veiled Council slowly slipped into the background, allowing these new deities to be in the view of the mortal races. Slowly, the priests of the Veiled Council became a secret organization of clergy, hiding among the citizens of the world.

Keltoz Head of the pantheon of the Veiled Council. God of light, life, healing, and the heavens. Keltoz is Lawful Good. He holds the domains of Healing, Nobility, Sun, Travel. His favored weapon is the Composite Longbow.

Admar The 1st veiled God, keeper of advice, wisdom, and knowledge. Admar is Neutral. He holds the domains of Artifice, Community, Knowledge, and Rune. His favored weapon is the Quarterstaff.

Talmix The 2nd veiled God, keeper of records, history, and time. Talmix is Lawful Neutral. He holds the domains of Glory, Community, Law, and Nobility. His favored weapon is the Short Sword

The Observer The Silent God, keeper of secrets, secrecy, stealth, and the night. The Observer is Neutral. He holds the domains of Darkness, Knowledge, Madness, and Trickery. His favored weapon is the Scythe.

Qertrude The 3rd veiled God, keeper
of war, Warlord of the Heavens. Qertrude is Lawful Neutral. She holds the domains of Destruction, Glory, Strength, and War. Her favorite weapon is the Greatsword.

Kinza The 4th veiled God, keeper of death, and the afterlife. Kinza is Neutral Evil. he holds the domains of Darkness, Death, Destruction, and Evil. His favored weapon is the Dagger.

Raiften The 5th veiled God, keeper of daemons, demons, and devils. Raiften is Neutral Evil. He holds the domains of Chaos, Darkness, Evil, and Madness. His favored weapon is the Spiked Chain.

Tiel The 6th veiled God, keeper of dreams, prophecies, divination, and luck. Tiel is Neutral Good. He holds the domains of Charm, Knowledge, Luck, and Protection. His favored weapon is the Morningstar.

Farline The 7th veiled God, keeper of travel, territories, borders, and civilizations. Farline is Lawful Neutral. She holds the domains of Community, Law, Liberation, Nobility, and Weather. Her favored weapon is the Heavy Mace.

This scrap of parchment is kept hidden by the priests that still hold any level of belief in the Veiled Council:
“The Veiled Council of the Heavens ruled over by Keltoz, consists of the Seven Veiled Gods and the Silent God. They rule over creation as the originators of Elion. The Creators of the world and Dragons. The Dragons are the messengers of the Gods, flying to and from the Gods’ domains, and act as the emissaries of the Gods to the mortal races. Blessed are the Dragons, Clerics of the Veiled Gods.”

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