The Librarians

During the War of Magic, a large group of scholars banded together to create a pact of peace with the churches and the wizards. This allowed the scholars to build Libraries to store, hold, and safeguard history and lore from the ravages of war.
It did not take long for the Librarians to set up their libraries throughout Elion. They began collecting lore and records, taking them into their possession. Known as the Keepers of Knowledge, these scholars have established themselves as their own ‘nation’ hosted within the four major countries of Elion.
Led by Lady Eloria Binding (Elf), she travels between the 6 major Libraries. The six libraries are:

  1. The Library Emissary of Iomedae: lead by Sir Zelric Astar (half-elf)
  2. Library of Abador: led by Sir Tel Fidroc (halfling)
  3. Library of Skulls (Zon-Kuthon): led by Lady Mesrelda the Dark (tiefling)
  4. Old Oak Library (Oldbark): led by Lady Shinah Rose (Elf)
  5. Graimorian Library of Records: led by Sir Longbeard Hoofstrider (tengu)
  6. Warriors Library of Arms and Armorment: led by Sir Heldik Helice (human)
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The Librarians

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