The following skills have been modified for this campaign setting as follows:

Appraise Cannot be used to determine if an item is magical or not.

Disable Device When being used to disarm a magical trap, the DC is increased by 5.

Linguistics The following languages are rare and hard to get, when being taken, they require two ranks in Linguistics instead of one (Tengu can spend one for one on these; as opposed to two for one tengu normally receive. Any player older than 50 years does is not affected by this change): Draconic, Dwarven, Undercommon.
Gnome is not an available language, nor a known of language.
The following languages are regional:
| Region | Main Language | Secondary Languages |
| *Cargon
| Ingi | Ogni, Themin |
| Serpent Isles | Scale-tongue | Vintain, Viprin |
| Nurmox|Naimorish|Toxish|
| Isle of Tori | Tori | Felnish, Mandirn |

Spellcraft Spellcraft can be used to disguise a spell being cast, even if done defensively. To do so, the defensive casting roll is made first (if used), then a Spellcraft check DC (15 + spell level). If this check succeeds, only those that beat your result with a Sense Motive or Spellcraft check can identify that a spell has been cast, or Perception to catch the verbal component, if any. This does not negate verbal, somatic, or material components of the spell. The use of somatic and material components are simply disguised, and the verbal component whispered. This can only be done if the effects of the spell can also be disguised or hidden, or at least the source of the effect is plausibly redirected.

Use Magic Device (applies to all characters with ranks in this skill who are 45 years or less in age) When using this skill to activate magical items created with arcane magic the DC is increased by +5.

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