Rogues of Elion only vary slightly from rogues of other worlds.
The following Rogue Talents (whether advanced or not) are not available to rogues less than 60 years of age: Familiar, Major Magic, Minor Magic.
If Ninja Tricks is selected as a Rogue Talent, cross reference the Ninja class for any banned ninja tricks.

The following arch-types are available to rogue characters
From APG: Acrobat, Burglar, Cutpurse, Investigator, Poisoner, Rake, Scout, Sniper, Spy, Swashbuckler Thug, Trapsmith
From UM: None
From UC: Bandit, Chameleon, Charlatan, Driver, Knife Master, Pirate, Roof Runner, Sanctified Rogue, Survivalist

Rogues may not be members of the Clergy, accept through the Temple of Norgorber. They may be members of an Inquisition. They may not be sworn Knights.

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