Religion is an important thing in the Year of the Church. For the majority of the world, the various temples rule the lands. The various religions have formed into three Pantheons of Elion. The Iomedaen Pantheon, the Abador Pantheon, and the Zon-Kuthon Pantheon.

The Iomedaen Pantheon, also known as the Iomedaen Church, rules over the continent of Cargon in the north.

The Abador Pantheon, also known as The Church of Abador, rules over the Serpentine Isles spanning the equator of Elion.

The Zon-Kuthon Pantheon, also known as the Temple of Zon-Kuthon, rules over Nurmox to the South.

These are the three major polytheistic religions of Elion. Minor versions serving only one deity exist, but are rare. Most who follow only one of the deities use that deity’s temple within the polytheistic over religion. There are two monotheistic religions in Elion. That of Gorum, and that of the Graimorian God. There is no real church of Gorum, but rather the clergy within the Warriors of Gorum.

During the War of Magic, the clergy of Urgathoa and the clergy of Asmodeus of the Temple of Zon-Kuthon, refused to join the fight against the arcane as their very deities held domains of magic, both arcane and divine. They were both ousted from their church. In the resulting turmoil, the two sets of clergy joined together, creating a new religion of just the two deities. The clergy of this new church, and the few followers that went with them, took advantage of the war and its turmoil to hide in Elion and escape persecution. As of yet, the Church-States have not been able to find where the new founded religion escaped to. Some very hushed rumors say they are hidden amongst the Serpent Isles. As the war continued a new form of following these two deities, removing the aspect of magic, arose and replaced the ousted sects. They claimed their predecessors as heretics and blasphemers.

The only other monotheistic religion of Elion is the All Seeing Eye of Nethys, the God of Magic! Wizards, arcane practitioners, and all forms of magic have had been of this religion. Some suspect there is a major temple to Nethys somewhere, but with no hint as to where. Many of the small temples to him have been in various wizard towers. With the end of the War of Magic, towers that held the temples were abandoned and things of importance taken with the wizards and clergy of Nethys.

There are very few that know of the Veiled Council, the Gods that reigned over Elion during the Age of Dragons. Slightly more know the legends of the Gods of the Dragons, but very little is even known about those myths.

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