Prestige Classes

Here-in-lays a dictation of Prestige Classes available to take throughout the campaign. All prerequisites must be met before taking the first level of any prestige class. Each listing will include what book the prestige class can be found in, and if a link, the link will denote any erratas or changes to the prestige class. If there is an (H) after the name, that prestige class is considered Heretical by The Clergy.
CRB = Core Rule Book, APG = Advanced Players Guide

Arcane Archer (H) CRB
Arcane Trickster (H) CRB
Assassin CRB
Battle Herald APG
Dragon Disciple (H) CRB
Duelist CRB
Eldritch Knight (H) CRB
Holy Vindicator APG
Horizon Walker APG
Loremaster CRB
Master Chymist (H) APG
Master Spy APG
Mystic Theurge (H) CRB
Nature Warden APG
Rage Prophet APG
Shadowdancer (H) CRB
Stalwart Defender APG

There may be more prestige classes added later, I will be looking at some of the ones from other Pathfinder Source books.

House Rules

Prestige Classes

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