Paladins of Elion vary depending on which religion they follow, and then, which deity with that religion’s pantheon that they champion. Paladins alignments must be Lawful, the other portion of their alignment (good, neutral, or evil) must match that of their deity.

Paladins of the Iomedaen Church can be of Iomedae, Erastil, Torag, Sarenrae, Desna, or Cayden Cailean. Though they focus on the tenants of their deity, they also must uphold the Iomedaen Church’s tenants as well.

Paladins belonging to the Church of Abadar must be champions of Abadar. He is the only God in this pantheon that grants Paladin powers to followers. They must uphold the tenants of the pantheon and church.

Paladins of the Temple of Zon-Kuthon, use the Anti-Paladin class variant found in the APG (pg. 118). Paladins of the Temple must champion Zon-Kuthon, Asmodeus, Lamashtu, Norgorber, Rovagug, or Urgathao. They must uphold the tenants of the Temple and pantheon.

Paladins may be members of the Clergy in the Iomedaen Church, Church of Abadar, the Temple of Zon-Kuthon, or the Warriors of Gorum. They may be members of the Inquisition, or they may be Knights, choosing a Knightly Order.

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