The Inquisitor holds no variant rules per say. All variants, and all Inquisitions are available from the APG, UM, and UC.

Inquisitors that do not belong to a Church (Iomedaen Church, Church of Abadar, or Temple of Zon-Kuthon), the Warriors of Gorum, or to the Graimorian Barony, are considered heretics by The Clergy.

Inquisitors may pick a domain or sub-domain granted by their deity as per a Cleric’s options of the same deity. The following are inquisitions that may be taken instead of a domain based on the deity being followed: (list from UM; list from UC; list Other [see Note below])

Iomedaen Church

Iomedae: Conversion, Heresy, Justice, Order, Persistence, Truth, Valor; Spellkiller; Banishment
Erastil: Conversion, Heresy, Illumination, Valor, Zeal; Spellkiller; none
Torag: Conversion, Heresy, Imprisonment, Tactics; Spellskiller; Banishment
Sarenrae: Conversion, Heresy, Illumination, Order, Truth, Valor; Spellkiller; Banishment, Revelation
Desna: Conversion, Heresy, Illumination, Oblivion; Spellkiller; Revelation
Cayden Cailean: Conversion, Fervor, Valor; Spellkiller; none

Church of Abadar

Abadar: Conversion, Heresy, Imprisonment, Order; none; none
Calistra: Conversion, Fervor, Heresy, Torture; none; Possession, Sin
Gozreh: Conversion, Fervor, Heresy; none; none
Irori: Conversion, Tactics; none; Revelation
Pharasma: Conversion, Fate, Heresy, Justice, Oblivion, Truth; none; Damnation
Shelyn: Conversion, Fervor, Heresy; none; Revelation

Temple of Zon-Kuthon

Zon-Kuthon: Conversion, Heresy, Oblivion; Spellkiller; Damnation, Sin
Asmodeus: Conversion, Heresy, Imprisonment, Persistence, Torture; Spellkiller; Damnation, Sin
Lamashtu: Conversion, Heresy, Oblivion, Vengeance: Spellkiller; Possession
Norgorber: Conversion, Fate, Heresy, Torture, Vengeance: Spellkiller; Possession, Sin
Rovagug: Anger, Conversion, Heresy, Vengeance; Spellkiller; Sin
Urgathoa: Conversion, Heresy, Persistence, Vengeance: Spellkiller; Possession, Sin

The Grey God

Graimorian Priesthood: Conversion, Fate, Heresy, Zeal; none; Possession


Warriors of Gorum: Anger, Conversion, Heresy, Tactics; Spellkiller

Note Banishment and Revelation Inquisitions found in Blood of Angels. Damnation, Possession, and Sin Inquisitions found in Blood of Fiends.

Inquisitors may be Knights, choosing a Knightly Order of their affiliation. Inquisitors may be minor members of Clergy.
Inquisitors may, and most likely are, members of an Inquisition (if the faction or organization is not listed, then it does not have an inquisition order):
Iomedaen Church: Holy Order of the Seeking Flame
Church of Abadar: Order of the Diamond
Temple of Zon-Kuthon: Inquisition of the Spiked Chain
Graimorian Barrony: Upholders of the Tome

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