The history of Elion Has been documented for the past 9,910 years. It has been recorded in four different major era’s, the fourth and most recent being the current era Elion has just entered ending the War of Magic.

The first age, the Age of Dragons (AOD), only has 3,000 years of history. It was recorded by scholars counting down from 3,000 to 0. During this age, key dragons ruled various areas of the world, and numerous of the modern races first appeared throughout Elion.

The second age, the Elion Standard Calander (ESC) lasted for 4,271 years. This was the first age in which mortals ran the major kingdoms of Elion and the dragons began to ease into the background of reality. Many Scholars continue to use the Elion Standard Calendar for documentation.

The third age, the Age of Magic (AOM), lasted 2,614 years as mortals towards the end of second age became more and more aware and awakened to the magical side of reality. This spun the mortal kingdoms into a race of magical and planar knowledge, ending the era in a great 100 year long war between arcane and divine magic! When documented as ESC, it spans years 4,272 through 6,886.

The fourth and current age, the Era of Peace (EOP), has only just begun! Tracked as Year of the Church (YOC); is it truly an era of peace after the great War of Magic? Or is it the most dangerous time Elion has yet to see? When documented as ESC, the current era begins on 6,887 to current (6,911 ESC).

Time-line of Elion

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