Fighters in Elion are very straight forward. For the most part, not much is changed. All variants from APG and UC are available.
Be sure to use the Expanded Weapons Groups (bottom of linked page) table on page 45 of UC.

The following are Weapon Groups added specific to this campaign. These are church/temple taught groups, and the Fighter must be from that Church’s lands.
Iomedaen: Longbow, Longsword, Rapier, Scimitar, Starknife, Warhammer
Abadar: Dagger, Glaive, Light Crossbow, Trident, Whip.
Zon-Kuthon: Falchion, Greataxe, Mace, Scythe, Spiked Chain.

Fighters can take the feat Disruptive at Fighter level 4, and Spellbreaker at Fighter level 8.

Fighter’s belonging to the Warriors of Gorum start play with a MWK weapon of their choice for free. Fighters following a specific deity, in service to that deity’s church, receive their deity’s favored weapon as a MWK weapon for free.
Fighters in service to the Graimorian Barony receive a MWK Bastard Sword for free.

Fighters may only petition to become Clergy in the Warriors of Gorum.
Fighters may be Knights if they so choose, but are not required to be.

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