The Cavalier is a base class out of the APG. In Elion, it is rare that a Cavalier does not belong to a School or Monastery. Each Church (to include the sub-churches) of the Major religions have a School or Monastery. The Warriors of Gorum Have their own School of Cavaliers. The Graimorian Kingdom has a School of Cavaliers that also act as the officers of the Kingdoms Guard: The Grei Knights. Though it is rare, there are a few (maybe a handful) School-less Cavaliers. They may have deserted or have been banished from their order.

These Orders will be detailed in Minor Factions. Depending on where the Cavalier is from, he may join any of a number of Orders. The following is a list of which Orders are present within each major faction or nation.

The following are optional variants for use in this campaign:
APG: None (there are none in the APG)
UM: None (again, just none)
UC: Beast Rider, Emissary, Gendrame, Honor Guard, Musketeer, Standard Bearer, Strategist

Cavaliers may not be members of Clergy except for in the Warriors of Gorum, with good reason/back story. Cavaliers must be Knights, if they choose not to be a knight, they must take the Order of the Ronin.

Knightly Orders
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