Ambassadors of Twin-Fold Path

Very little is known of this faction, let alone if it is truly a faction, or merely just a handful of rebelling clergy of the churches. The first instance of an Ambassador of the Twin-Fold Path being documented was about halfway through the War of Magic, when a small contingent of Ambassadors attacked and took out a small Iomedaen Church outpost. The only remains found were the corpses of the fallen, and a message written in blood on the gate entering the encampment: “The Ambassadors of the Twin-Fold Path know what truly happened”. The encampment that was attacked was led by the younger brother of Grand Inquisitor Tarin Lawbringer, once a Paladin of Iomedae, who lost his holy power when a wizard used arcane magic to bring him back to life. Tarin Lawbringer released missives to his units, and to the citizens of the Church, stating this was a rouse by the wizards to shake the Church’s convictions and was nothing more than yet another vile blasphemy from the arcane tainted ones.

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Ambassadors of Twin-Fold Path

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